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Melbourne Hail Storm 19/01/2019

On Sunday the 19th of Janruary, heavy storms have lashed parts of Melbournes east suburbs, starting from Warrandyte, affecting Doncaster and Templestowe, then moving towards the south east to suburbs near Glen Iris, Malvern, Hawthorn and Richmond. With most storms, this comes at an unfortunate time during the school holidays, and the work year is getting underway.

Will repairing my car with Paintless Dent Repair be cheaper than my insurance excess?

A question we’re often asked at the beginning of the storm, as naturally consumers may want to avoid having to go thru the hassle and cost of making a claim for minor damage.

While it’s hard to place accurate figures on costs to repair hail damage, most light to moderate damage can cost from over one to several thousand dollars to repair. Heavier damage with dozens of dents per panel or more can quickly add up to over ten thousand, requiring replacement panels, or paintwork via panel beaters.

The exception to this is instances where vehicles have only sustained half a dozen or less of dents from partial exposure to the storm, such as being anle to quickly get their car under shelter as the first hail stones fell, or having cars parked under carports, or trees with dense foliage.

If you’re unsure, feel free to get in contact with us, and we may be able to better guide you as to whether a claim is necessary.

Considering purchasing a hail damaged vehicle?

With every significant hail storm, there’s an opportunity for consumers to buy discounted hail affected vehicles from dealerships and auction houses. While there can be some significant savings to be had when purchasing these vehicles, it’s also it’s also possible to end up with a repair bill that can outweigh any potential savings, which we’d like you to avoid. With that in mind, we’ve compiled some tips and things to look for before heading on the search for a hail damaged vehicle.

  • Size and count of damage: While the previous storms created many smaller dents, the current storm has created damage of a larger size, up to 5cm width. With more consumers favoring to buy prestige brands such as Audi/BMW/Mercedes over Japanese and Koren manufactures, and vehicles fitted with sunroofs, the difficulty and cost associated with repairing these vehicles also increases. We recommend viewing cars indoors or in shade if possible, and dents that appear to only be 5 or 10 cent sized shadow in direct sunlight are often larger than a 50 cent size in the shade where the reflection is more prominent. An umbrella can help cast a shadow over the panel, which can help see dents that are otherwise hard to spot in the sunlight.
  • Windsheild damage must be taken into consideration, as many vehicles are now fitted with Forward Collision Avoidance systems, often mounted on or behind the front windshield. Along with replacement, these systems will need to be calibrated by a specialist, often adding hundreds or even over a thousand dollars to replace and calibrate.
  • Check side panels: While many people would be aware than the top panels are damaged, often the side panels are overlooked. Be sure to look across the tops of doors, guards, quarter panels and cant rails (this is the long panel between the roof and door). Sometimes these panels can cost up to a few hundred dollars each, depending on the severity of the damage.
  • Aluminium Panels: while many cars are made from traditional steel, manufacturers are increasingly using more and more aluminium in their panels in order to save weight for the purposes of fuel economy. Aside from being more expensive to replace, it’s also a much more difficult material to repair, with costs generally 50% more than steel. While flagship models from prestige brands that are almost entirely aluminium, this material is quickly filtering down across entire product ranges, with some base model vehicles using Aluminium on bolt on panels like bonnets, tailgates, and doors. A simple magnet will reveal if a panel is aluminium, as it won’t stick like it will to steel.
  • Damaged moldings and trims: while we generally think of damaged panels from hail storms, the trims and moldings along window lines, roof lines and scuttle panels can also be damaged due to hail stones. While not always noticeable, these trims can cost up to several hundred dollars to replace, particular for those with chrome.
  • Cracks on edges of panels: Though hail damage won’t crack paint within the middle of a panel, it’s quite common to see a fracture or crack where a hail stone has hit the edge of a panel, particularly on bonnets and boot lids. Look around the edges of panels approx 1cm inside, inspect and feel for cracks running parallel to the panel edge. While these cracks can be touched up temporarily, they’ll eventually need the panel painted to prevent rust in the long term.

Dent Doctors located in Melbourne’s Eastern Suburbs.

We understand the frustration of discovering a careless driver having dinged your car, or the dreaded sound of a garage mishap, that’s left an unsightly dent in your vehicle. Don’t despair, because in many cases this is where Paintless Dent Repair (aka PDR) can help!

Paintless Dent Repair is the art of massaging out dings, dents, creases and hail damage from your car, without the need for panel beating and painting. Your original paintwork remains intact, and the results need to be seen to be believed; it’s like the dent never happened in the first place!

Traditional repairs mean being without your car for days, risking poor paint matches and future paint defects, often at a significant cost. With PDR, dents are removed on-site at your premises, often performed in as little as an hour for minor dents, without the need for fillers, paint or harmful chemicals.

Our repair process can repair vehicle damage such as:

  • Carpark dents
  • Shopping trolley dings
  • Crease
  • Hail stone damage
  • Minor accident damage
  • and more…

Dent Before PDR

Dent Before PDR

Dent After PDR

Dent After PDR

Why choose us?

Since opening in 2010, owner Ross Davies strives to offer the highest level of repairs, offering his services are available to Panel Beaters, Dealerships and private vehicle owners alike.

Unlike other providers, we’re not a franchise that can simply be bought into, an employee of a large corporation, or a technician who’s rushing from job to job.
As our name suggests, we’re Independent, and our name and reputation rides on every repair. We understand that you’ve got to live with the repairs for the life of the car.
We specialize in working for vehicle owners who are passionate, care for their vehicles, and who appreciate the extra time and passion we put into our repairs.

Operating in many of Melbournes East subrubs, we offer a convenient on-site service at your home or place of work; No need to leave your work or home, or find alternative transport arrangements.

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